Establishing A Safe Working Environment

When going to work the last thing anyone wants to do is feel uncomfortable.  The reason that we work is to make money in order to live.  Working at a place that is unwelcoming really puts a damper on this process.  This is why knowing your rights in regards to workplace harassment mcallen tx and the steps you can take are very important.  Here are a few suggestions that you can use.

Don’t stay silent

This is probably the hardest thing that you do.  Many who are harassed feel ashamed or are in fear of losing their job.  When you are harassed it is important to speak up.  Tell someone, have it documented and put on record.  Staying silent will only make things worse.

Document everything

If you are harassed once and it doesn’t stop then you need to take action in documenting the situations.  One way is to have a notebook and a digital recorder on hand.  When you are about to enter a room with the harasser or if you feel that a situation is going to go down, make sure that the recorder is turned on. 

Don’t confront them head on

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The last thing that you want to do is confront them head on in any one on one situation.  When you confront someone where they are in control or in a position of power such as an empty room, a car or other location you don’t have control over, don’t confront them.  When confronting someone have witnesses and proof.  Do it with people you know and can trust.  A harasser will only harass because they feel in power.  Take that power away.

Find support groups

Finding support groups and people that are on your side will help you through this situation.  Don’t trust just anyone but do trust someone.  When you have a group of people on your side that can take action and will take action is where things will change.